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Hardly any field in logistics is more diverse than order picking. STILL offers you a broad range of innovative horizontal and vertical order pickers, that allow you to solve any task efficiently. Whatever your application profile: at STILL you will find the order picker that optimally fits your requirements. 

With our vertical order pickers you will be able to pick loads from up to 12 metres in a spacious cabin, you will still be able to pick comfortably from the first level with our OPX, and you will be able to move loads of up to 2 500 kg at speeds of up to 14 km/h. The STILL iGo neo OPX even follows every step of its operator - it is the first autonomous order picking truck

Whatever your needs: double deck operation to handle fragile goods, or especially long forks to move bulky goods: Thanks to the modular system and the great range of variants, you will have a customised truck available that precisely matches you tasks. In all order pickers from STILL you can rely on state-of-the-art technology which will take your order picking to the next level.

The new OPX family

The great variety of versions and functions makes the OPX the optimum truck for any application profile.

  • līdz 1580 mm
  • līdz 2000 kg
  • līdz 2800 mm
  • līdz 700 kg
  • līdz 2800 mm
  • līdz 800 kg
  • līdz 6350 mm
  • līdz 1000 kg
  • līdz 7800 mm
  • līdz 1000 kg
  • līdz 10 km/h
  • līdz 14500 mm
  • līdz 1200 kg
  • līdz 13 km/h
  • līdz 4600 mm
  • līdz 110 kg
  • līdz 6.5 km/h



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